11/24/2011 Episode 13

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

Episode 13

Intros, Thank you Michael LeCompte!, Sarah Renee’s trip home, Ryan-J Bros in town, Beer Review, Deschutes Brewery Twilight Summer Ale, That’s what she said news, Minnesota town to replace gov police with private security force, Occupy pregnant woman kicked and pepper sprayed by police and miscarriage, Texas school grading corruption, 12 yr olds kissing in florida, Nintendo Wii turns 5 years old, Occupy Oakland wants to ruin economy by blocking imports, Blockbusters, Another Earth, Our Idiot Brother, Prohibition documentary, Season Finale Southpark, Cool New Shit, How to make alcoholic ice cream, computerized contact lenses, smart bomb mouthwash, Bitching, Black Friday, Dexter kills off Mos Def!?, Survey What do you know about sex?

Music: I Drink Alone by George Thorogood, Undeniable by Mos Def


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