12/03/2011 Episode 14

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

Episode 14

Intros, weird static sound last episode, Ryan-J home to police state illinois, Sarah Renee drinkin alone, Beer Review, Cable Car Small Batch Amber Ale, Thats what she said news, jet pack man races jets, no charges against violent swat team, anonymous being silly, Government hates so-called piracy (downloading music and movies), student arrested for burping in class, TSA stops fake gun purse, 20% of 911 calls come from your ass!, Cool new shit, AT-AT liquor cabinet, mp3 microwave, 3D printer makes bone-like material, the more poop a chimp throws the smarter it is?, FEDs anti piracy vid is like reefer madness, Blockbusters, Dahmer movie, You Again, Dexter new season, Torchwood Season 3, Bitching, Guess Who, People who think they’re always right, herman cain pulling out, Survey, how long will you last an alien attack?

Music: Big Pappa by Notorious BIG, Changes by TuPac


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