01/07/2012 Episode 19

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

Episode 19

Intro, last episode was a drunken hot mess, we have inconsistent audio, beer review, Buffalo Bills Brewery Blueberry Oateal Stout, thats what she said news, 5 yr old arrested for a book?, alien hookers?, public school pizza pistol, mans comcast box comes alive, indiana outlaws singing national anthem wrong, teen american citizen mistakenly deported, cool new shit, 3D cell phone camera, new tech solves mobility problems, driverless cars, hackers want space satellites, Anartica lost world, blockbusters, 11/11/11 good old fashioned orgy, vampire diaries, what’s your number, mission impossible, The Walking Dead, Hostel part III, parks and rec episode ‘Road Trip’, Bitching, people never listen to Ryan-J, #1 movie and song the week we were born.

Music: Don’t Pull Me Over by Tom Petty, Up All Night by Blink 182


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