01/28/2012 Episode 22

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

Episode 22

Intros, last episode nonsense, Apple sells more phones than people make babies, JoPa died, Roku 2 HD, Beer Review, Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale, thats what she said news, 1 our of 318 adults is a pedo?, try using a cellphone in north korea, Tim Thomas hockey goalie, marine to serve no time for murdering 24 humans, active duty cop says war on drugs is a war on people, obama leaves clean energy event using dirty energy, pirate bay rocks!, cool new shit, self driving cars, 3D printing chocolate, lab grown meat, professor calls for mind altering drugs research, blockbusters, Alien, the season of the witch, faces in the crowd, setup, harold & kumar christmas, californication, awesome onion vid, gabby giffords resigns, Would you rather..?

Music: Mope by Bloodhoundgang, Attitude by Alien Ant Farm


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