02/18/2012 Episode 24

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

Episode 24

Intro, Ryan-J’s parents visit, four peaks brewery again!, Chris Brown at Grammys, Whitney Houston dead, beer review, Alaskan winter ale, that’s what she said news, mattel is finally making back to the future hoverboard, feds shut down amish farm for raw milk, man has a heart attack at the heart attack grill, attractive undercover cop poses as student…CUNT!, $1mill in gold found, music industry to sue google over pirate search results, LA beaches ban footballs and all other fun activities, cool new shit, Nevada approves self driving cars, super soaker water tommy gun, edible helium balloons restaurant, heartbeat as password, megadeth supports santorum?? Ryan’J’s new man crush…Jason Silva, Blockbusters, Zapped!, Sunset Limited, Iron Sky?, Tosh.O, X-Files, Walking Dead?, Fear Factor, donkey semen…

Music: Rehab by Down, A Drug Against War by KMFDM


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