02/24/2012 Episode 25

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

Episode 25

Intro, changes with the website, correction on Scott Baio, we hittin Four Peaks Kilt Fest tomorrow, Beer Review, Cave Creek Chili Beer, yuck!, thats what she said news, beerathon in LA, beer brewed for drinking in space, why students are hunger striking in VA, 500 US deaths from police tasers, tasered woman brain dead by cop no accountability, crazy diet of beer and water only, world’s hairiest girl, cool new shit, google’s heads up display glasses, Tokyo space elevator by 2050, Braille-like texting app, Ron Paul’s VP vid?, Blockbusters, The Walking Dead, Retreat, We Bought A Zoo, Puss In Boots, Chronicle, Tosh.O, X-Files, Eastbound and Down..

Music: Buried Myself Alive by The Used, Caress Me Down by Sublime


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