04/14/2012 Episode 33

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 33

Intro, Sarah Renee new car, sex offender in our neighborhood, DOL on stitcher, rules for filming police, gargle whiskey for sore throat, Verizon no more free upgrades, meth lab in walmart bathroom, MPAA embedding vids illegal?, Beer Review, Aloha Series KoKo Brown Ale, that’s what she said news, Netflix influencing the election?, Macro ownership of craft beers, US trained Iranian ‘terrorist’ group, how many calories are burned?, Ozzie Guillen speaks his mind, kid finds live grenade during easter egg hunt, hundreds of warbots will join police ranks, cool new shit, peanut butter & jelly vodka, Coors light iced tea, 3D printed houses, drinking 2 beers makes you clever, walk-in beer cooler, Blockbusters, Game of Thrones is awesome!, Kingpin, Anchorman, High Road, Ultimate Fighter, Community, Office, The Sweetest Thing, Bad Teacher, Doug Stanhope’s new album, Pete raffling off MARV, Santorum has pulled out, DOL cards..

Music: When It’s Over by Sugar Ray, Basket Case by Greenday


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