04/21/2012 Episode 34

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 34

Intro, 420 episode, fun in the sun, Dick Clark dead at 82, Airpong, Ron Paul says he would protect Bradley Manning, Whiskey in space, pilot has to dodge the planet Venus, UC Boulder to shut campus down because of 420 rally, beer review, Odell Red Ale, kindergarten boy brings heroin to show and tell, Tupac hologram, 8 suspects arrested in silk road online drug sting, ultra sound treatment cures prostate cancer, 90 year old woman locks officer in basement, 10 year old gives birth, scientist uses physics to escape traffic ticket, cool new shit, bulletproof iphone case, interplanetary internet, Ikea home entertainment system, IV drip bus cures hangovers in Vegas, home brewery lab, James Camron launching asteroid mining company, Blockbusters, The Darkest Hour, The Divide, God Bless America, New Years Eve, Firefly, Eastbound & Down finale, Ron Swanson clip Parks & Rec, cop masturbating while on duty.

Music: How High by Redman & Methodman, Last Dance with Mary Jane by Tom Petty


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