05/26/2012 Episode 39

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 39

Podcast on a plane!, TSA pat downs, Body Scanners, Michael in Connecticut drunk dials us, Cubs vs. Pirates, Triple B..Busy Body Bitch!, Sarah Renee in PA, Ryan Jaye in AZ, beer review Heineken Lager, podcasting from a plane, thats what she said news, Pliny The Younger beer named best in the world by beer advocate, lucky boys confusion guitarist dies, man arrested for drunk driving with a parrot and a zebra, student pays loans off with cash $114,000, $320 million worth of cheese destroyed in Italian earthquake, NYPD cop threatens to shove his penis into suspects mouth, cool new shit, I dream of space raffling off a trip to space, paralyzed man gets rewired, leap motion 3D motion control system, Stadium Pal, Blockbusters, Special, Firefly finale, Serenity, The Grey, Game of Thrones..

Music: City To City, Straight From The Top, and Dumb Pop Song all by Lucky Boys Confusion


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