06/15/2012 Episode 42

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 42

Stitcher, Senior citizens binge drink the most, tight pants destroy your balls, huge cat, Harvard University accidentally destroys 150 brains, cops kill another dog, 15 most peaceful nations, beer review, Stone Brewing Company Ruination IPA, Wheels Off Liberty is saying goodbye, that’s what she said news, molecule in beer could fight weight gain, joe arpaio murders another peaceful human being, Indiana legalizes shooting cops, North Dakota considers eliminating property tax, man goes on $15 million gambling spree, House Hunters tv show is fake, yell at a mayor and get 3 years in prison, cool new shit, avatars to cure social anxiety, Jetbike!, floating barbecue, arcade keg – ARKEG, glazed doughnut vodka, Blockbusters, The Avengers, Goon, Iron Sky, Safe House, He Was A Quiet Man, Friends With Kids, Jeff, Who Lives At Home, Cubs report..

Music: Tow The Line by Hed P.E., Smash It Up by International Noise Conspiracy


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