10/05/2012 DOL Episode 58

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 58

Intro, did not watch debate, horrible at drunken math, Joe Rogan, Rogue Ales making beer from beard, Drunk of the week 110yr old lady credits longevity to whiskey, amazon to try selling wine again, whats missing in pumpkin beer, 8 signs the system is broken, dinosaur found quills beak and fangs, 15 odd geological facts wine enema hospitalizes student, PowerPoint at work about being high, beer review, Indian Wells Brewery Amnesia IPA, that’s what she said news, Army secretly sprayed st. louis with radioactive particles for years, man eaten by hogs, countdown to fearless felix’s supersonic skydive, NY food truck shut down for not having a permit that doesn’t even exist, cop caught sexting underage girl he ticketed, 3 major sponsors pull ads from debates, too smart to be a cop, cool new shit, augmented reality glasses, vizio’s new 60in TV $1000, launch your house to space, fusion engine get to mars in 6 weeks, snakes on a plane, blockbusters, Rock of Ages, That’s My Boy, Through the Wormhole, Dexter is back.

Music: Rider by The Slackers, Privilege by Incubus


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