10/19/2012 DOL Episode 60

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized
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DOL Episode 60

Binders full of women, Intro, 2 backed up DOL episodes to come out later, Ademo Freeman Free-er out of jail, baseball to ban champagne celebrations, romney victory is predicted? electrion riots if obama loses, space jump success, drunk of the week woman breast feeds dog, green party candidates arrested outside debate, monopoly controlled debate, onion article they are both sociopaths, Leah anarchist vid, beer review, Lakefront Brewing Pumpkin Lager, that’s what she said news, NYPD beat up homeless sleeping man, obama to ban assault weapons, FBI foils their own terrorist attempt, HOA killing, free online education illegal in MN, obama executive order allows seizure of american bank accounts, JW emails DOL, cool new shit, worlds first 3D printed guitar, frozen margarita cologne, beer that won’t freeze, cannabis absinthe, most extensive face transplant ever, blockbusters, Quarantine 2, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Southpark, Dexter.

Music: Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson, Super Nova Goes Pop by Powerman 5000


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