11/03/2012 DOL Episode 62

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized
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DOL Episode 62

Intro, flap flop denied by urban dictionary, candy to trick or treaters, Ryan Jaye can’t remember words, new zealand taking hops out of beer, best alcohol packaging, goodbye buckyballs, obama 284 drones strikes in pakistan, prisoners abandoned hurricane, court oks hidden surveillance, scottsdale cops arrest 4409, pms a myth, drunk of the week man tattoos romney on face, beer review, Nectar Ales IPA, Pyramid Oktoberfest, that’s what she said news, cops raid free poker tournament, 90 yr old robbery victim sued by burglar, NYU hopsital evacuation, star wars is now Disney, cop tased kid during career day, ex penn state president charged in sandusky case, 100 dogs shot by metro police, cool new shit, artisan fruit spreads made with liquor, old mice given young mice blood, neatherlands highways will glow. roku projection streamer, foldable e devices coming, blockbusters, The Amazing Spider Man, Killer Joe, Craigslist Joe, Dark Matters, American Horror Story, Boardwalk, Dexter, Southpark.

Music: Ya Gotta Vote by Larken Rose, Everything’s Corrupt by Ice Cube


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