Erection Day

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Blog Posts

Erection Day

As another Erection Day has finished all over the face of this nation, members are still left asking how to clean up this mess. They came, raging, and ready to shoot those numbers straight up, but still many chose to remain flaccid as they showed no pleasure in strengthening their respective polls.

Erection Day used to be a firm giant, inserted into everyone’s mind as a day where you got to release yourself from the tyranny of domination. All who performed in this Erection Day pulled out from the boxes with great satisfaction. But many boxes were left impenetrable with the recent growing vexation over the extending bureaucracy reaching around into so many pockets.

“With one stroke of the utensil, you are done” exclaimed one Erection Day supporter. When asked about how to bring back the passion instilled in Erection Day, he spewed while he was dripping with excitement, “Every American must remember it is their patriotic duty to fill these boxes by way of the polls!”  Through our own hard work and long lasting determination we found someone who was not fully a hard-on supporter of Erection Day and asked if he would come on our cameras. After much jerking around with us he confessed that he had to contemplate long and hard about whether or not to rise to the occasion. He also seemed very unsure of his performance as he would not stop asking “was that good enough for you”?

So, Erection Day has come and finished in what seemed like no time at all. To all those that fell limp on this glorious day we extend a huge invitation to rise up in all your glory and explode onto America four years from now.


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