11/17/2012 DOL Episode 64

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized
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DOL Episode 64

Obama wins and bombs Yemen, Veterans day rant from Puke and the gang, weed is legal in Washington and Colorado, world of beer nonsense, NHL lockout drying up beer sales, pre drinking doubles booze consumption, 6 years for washing car in san diego, Miami Marlins purge payroll, Hostess shutting down, 5hr energy kills, homeless man arrested for charging phone, drunk of the week: woman runs over husband for not voting, beer review, Breckenridge Brewery After Rakin’ Autumn Ale, that’s what she said news, small town cops steal money, ethiopian kids teach themselves to use tablets, secede petitions, man tased for trying to keep house from burning down, gulf oil rig explodes off LA coast, copyright terror, postal service reports loss of $15 billion, cool new shit, holographic microscope, man climbs skyscraper with bionic leg, first 3D printing photo booth, urine powered generator, nude portraits out of wine cork, 400 trillion pints of beer found in space, blockbusters, Cosmopolis, Taken 2, Expendables 2, Robocop 2, Workaholics, SNL, The Walking Dead, The Watch, Total Recall, Here Comes The Boom, Nitro Circus, Dexter, It’s Always Sunny.

Music: Anything by Black Lab, Rockin’ The Suburbs by Ben Folds


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