12/01/2012 DOL Episode 66

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 66

Intro, we’re back bitchezz! end of the world show on 12/21, booze on Facebook, amazon wine, big beer trying to be craft beer, human toe cocktail, crystal meth cures flu, mc hammer gangnum style, hall of fame voting baseball, intoxicated more likely to survive, drunk of the week chick bangs dogs, beer review Insanely Bad Elf Imperial Red Ale, that’s what she said news, bradley manning update, student expelled for refusing rfid badge, obama speaks nonsense, us gov planned to blow up moon, gun store owner banned obama supporters from store, space x plan to move to mars, congress to do away with $1 bill also nickels and pennies, cool new shit, james bond movie 3D printed car, 7-11 slurpee at home machine, nose cell transplant enables paralysed dogs to walk, augmented reality glasses, samsung flexible unbreakable phones, blockbusters, The Dark Knight Rises, Lawless, ParaNorman, Tommy Boy, Being Elmo, Without A Paddle, Wreck It Ralph, Omega Man, Surviving Christmas, 10 Years, Dave’s Old Porn (Joe Rogan), Tosh.O (Joe Rogan), Chevy Chase off Community.

Music: Wild World by Cat Stevens, Numbered Days by Mighty Mighty Bosstones


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