12/15/12 DOL Episode 68

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 68

Intro, Fleshlight is sponsoring DOL, Koozies, T-shirts, Sprouts grocery store, taxi cabs and pizza delivery, rain and cold in the desert, beer hops cures cold/flu, penn state students scolded, eggnog can kill salmonella, 10 signs we are living in a false economy, bronze age brewery discovered, Drunk of the week woman smuggling cocaine in breasts, beer review, Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Holiday Cheer, That’s what she said news, AZ powerball winner takes the lump sum, pentagon hopes to arm drones with laser weapons, someone stole an entire driveway, put your boxed wine in the fridge, elementary school shooting, John Mcafee back on us soil, city issued speed camera ticket to parked car, cool new shit, red wine prevent cancer, turn human urine into brain cells, verizon & red box streaming service, Johnny Depp new movie coming Transcendence, Flask Tie, Hop flavored whiskey, the corkcicle, blockbusters, Paranormal Activity 4, Hyperland, The Details, Finale of Boardwalk Empire & Walking Dead, Resident Evil 5, Special When Lit, Surviving Progress, Fat Kid Rules the World, Pitch Perfect, Prometheus Blu Ray, Cashback, American Warewolf In London, Dexter.. we hit 100 ‘likes’ before the end of the world, Joe Rogan’s special coming out December 18th..

Music: It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube, All For You by Sister Hazel


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