01/26/2013 DOL Episode 75

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized
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DOL Episode 75

Obama inauguration, drone flew over the liberty lounge, TurboTax new slogan, guy didn’t know how to pump gas, Ryan Jaye’s powerful immune system, booze news 5 bizarre uses for vodka, Ireland to allow drunk driving, budweiser’s shady attempt at craft beer, booze history first canned beer went on sale, drunks of the week, US military uses MLK to promote nukes, man wears $230,000 shirt made of gold to impress ladies, Lupe Fiasco thrown off stage, voice of charlie brown arrested, FBI surveillance techniques, beer review, Sierra Blanca Alien Wheat, that’s what she said news, Police charge tree climbing inauguration protester, woman forever a toddler, sheriff Joe refuses to enforce gun laws, obama wants military leaders to fire upon US citizens, cigarettes to be prescription only, pentagon removes ban on women in combat, cool new shit, bottle opening cap launcher, EasyStill, Drinkmaster Hoodie, The Vodka Zinger, Cuddly Blanket Chair, Blockbusters, The Paperboy, End of Watch, Grave Encounters 2, Trouble With Bliss, The Ultimate Fighter.

Music: Unforgivable Youth by Lupe Fiasco, Brazilica by Beck


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