DOL Episode 81

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized
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DOL Episode 81

Bitcoin crazyness, beer festival, emergency vehicles traffic story, booze news napa valley ages wine in ocean, Jim Beam moonshine, chicago liquor license prohibit selling crappy beer, drunk of the week is Dennis Rodman and North Korea, Rand Paul filibuster, baby cured of HIV, batman hands suspects over, Jim Rome new job, beer review Left Hand Brewing Sawtooth Ale, that’s what she said news, TSA permits knives, bradley manning update, Hugo Chavez dies, 7yr old suspended for making pop tart in shape of gun, homeless aren’t allowed to eat deer meat, man left in solitary for 22 months, UN says colorado and washington violate drug treaties, cool new shit, 3D printing pen, finger mouse, carbon fiber flask, charge batteries with radio & wifi waves, 3D printed skull, blockbusters, Red Dawn, The Baytown Outlaws, Price Check, Bad Kids Go To Hell, Girls Against Boys, Ari Shaffir comedy special, Black Mirror 2, House of Cards, Workaholics is back.

Music: Electric Head Part 2 by White Zombie, Don’t Tread On Me by 311


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