DOL Episode 82

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 82

St. Paddy’s Day episode, libertarian gang symbols, random spanish CD, Nate Dogg, Facebook to receive $429 million in tax money, booze news red wine pill, american drinking on the rise, Iron Maiden Beer, drunk of the wee woman shoots boyfriend 18 times on spring break, seattle bar bans google glasses, colored food affects poop, most searched porn terms, beer review, Widmer O’Ryely Rotator IPA, thats what she said news, florida police gun down disabled man, Canada and Mexico baseball brawl, new poopy pope, thousands of dead pigs, zombie cells, sex in space, gun makers refusing to sell to government, cool new shit, bee venom kills HIV, cheetah robot rivals animals, teeth grown from gum cells, google to replace passwords with jewelry, blockbusters, Rise of the Guardians, Lay The Favorite, Consuming Kids, Arbitrage, UFC fight, Nick Diaz and taxes, Mad Men season 5.

Music: Drink Some More by Real McKenzies, Nancy Whiskey by Gaelic Storm


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