DOL Episode 85

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 85

Voluntary or Volunteer? What would we do without the state? wine fests suck, buzz aldrin toothbrush, booze news 101 year old woman alcohol, game of thrones drinking game, beer edges wine for women, brewdog mainstream beer, drunk of the week man drives lawnmower drunk, game of thrones hottest torrent, obama to lose nobel peace prize, beer review Abita Spring IPA, that’s what she said news, what is killing all the bees, obama pushing banks to make more home loans, cops shoot unarmed man in bed 16 times, obama to spend $100 million to map brain, police trash perfectly good food, samoan airline to charge by body weight, cellphone turns 40 years old, cool new shit, smell-o-vision, wine & cheese grilled cheese, new arrested development on netflix, blockbusters, City of Ember, A Good Day To Die Hard, The Croods, Movie 43, The Wicked, The Jacket, Walking Dead finale, game of thrones is back, American Loser, You Don’t Know Bo.

Music: Angry Again by Megadeth, Riptide by Sick Puppies


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