DOL Episode 89

Posted: May 5, 2013 in Podcast Episodes, Uncategorized

DOL Episode 89

Bulimic dude coworker? Stefan Molyneux Lymphoma, Mangria shipping problems, booze news woman swallows diamond in champagne, budweiser stupid marketing, michael jackson drank 6 bottles of wine a day, trader joe’s scotch, drunk of the week man calls 911 80 times, Plan B for 15yr olds, garden state sequel, beer review Pyramid Curveball, that’s what she said news, Chicago Cubs dealing with city government, jamestown colony cannibalism, Kriss Kross Chris Kelly and Slayer guitarist dead, 18 yr old faces 20 years over rap, cool new shit Wooden animal wine holders, uTouch project, Intelligent Headlights, Google’s self driving car 1GB/sec, Blockbusters, Blackballed, Retroactive, House Hunting, The Imposter, Freeloaders, Inside Amy Schumer, It Can’t Happen Here.

Music: Skeletons of Society by Slayer, Jump! Jump! by Kriss Kross


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