DOL Episode 91

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Podcast Episodes

DOL Episode 91

Jonah Falcon It’s TOO Big! people who drop toilet seats, neck tattoo dude, booze news Ruppert Murdoch buys vineyard, Beyonce $26K bar bill, drunk of the week The UN urges poor people to eat insects to curb hunger, 10 healthy things that aren’t really healthy, Angelina Jolie boobs, beer – Widmer Brothers Citra Blonde, that’s what she said news, Feds seize assets of biggest bitcoin exchange MT Gox, abortion doctor found guilty of murder, man brought back to life after being dead for 40 minutes, Adam Kokesh march on washington, boston bombing note left by culprit, cool new shit, Samsung 5G service, google triples free storage, Buycott App, clone human embryonic stem cells, new way to rent cars, Dana Gould’s impression of Chris Matthews, Blockbusters, 21 And Over, The Place Beyond The Pines, Dark Skies, The Office Series Finale.

Music: Carolina Blues by Blues Traveler, Anthem Of Our Dying Day by Story Of The Year


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