DOL Episode 95

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Podcast Episodes
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DOL Episode 95

NSA parody vid, Porcfest X, more about DOL calling it quits, email from JW, booze news – alcohol billboard controversy, 5 wine tasting survival tips, drunk of the week – drunk woman wrecks her car into boyfriends grave, 3 beer based recipes, 10 common nutritional myths, beer review – Dundee Summer Shandy, that’s what she said news – PS3 update causing console problems, FBI foils plot to build xray weapon, Brazil protests, ben bernanke to no longer be fed chairman, cool new shit – GPS turn vibrations, move mind to machine, TurboCool, Beer pouches, breathalyzer watch, blockbusters – Snitch, Parker, Fast & Furious 6, Admission, Evil Dead, Mad Men, Dexter coming back.

Music: Mexican Sun by Chevelle, Sextape by The Deftones


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