DOL Episode 96

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Podcast Episodes
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DOL Episode 96

Super heat in the desert, no episode next week, pharmacies are annoying, keep traffic flowing smoothly, booze news – diseased gin & tonic, 20 things about liquors, drunk of the week – cops shoot man holding underwear, ticket scalper goes to jail, 10 things processed food industry doesn’t want you to know, Jim Carrey, fur coats made of human chest hair, beer review – Left Hand Brewing Good JuJu, that’s what she said news – supreme court no right to remain silent, supreme court gay marriage, run snowden run, zimmerman trial knock knock joke, cool new shit – 3d printed cast, xbox deal with time warner cable, hammock bathtub, transporter personal cloud storage, blockbusters – Cocoon 1 & 2, Dead Man Down, A Haunted House, The Kitchen, American Mary, No One Lives, Pain & Gain, Magic City, Brain Games, Mad Men season finale.

Music: This Joint by Slightly Stoopid, Sunset in July by 311


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