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DOL Episode 100

Season 1 Finale of DOL episode 100, can you count to 100? JW drunk dials us, the history of 100 episodes, latin TV Almohazado boobs, ryan jaye’s car pooping out, 12 year old boy is an Indian god for having a 7inch tail, booze news – carlos danger wiener cocktail, TGI Fridays fined for liquor fraud, booze post office delivery, nordstroms booze n browse. Drunk of the week – Man turns self in for child porn because malware told him to. Galaxy S4 explosion, Inca girl frozen for 500 years. Beer review – Stone 12.12.12 Vertical Epic. That’s what she said news – Las Vegas woman sexually assaulted by court officer, Bradley Manning update, Billions in wasted taxpayer money, Russia gives Snowden asylum for 1 year. Cool new shit – Netflix profiles,, Coravin drink wine without opening bottle. Blockbusters – GI Joe Retaliation, A Haunting At Silver Falls, Done The Impossible, Drinking Buddies, Killing Zoe, Drunk History, Dexter final season.

Here’s To The Night by Eve 6, The Closing Song by Red Peters


DOL Episode 99

Drunk dial us at 623-505-6375 and leave us a drunken message to play on the season one finale 100th episode of DOL! scientifically accurate ninja turtles, comic con 2013 San Diego, royal baby bullshit, booze news – IPA day August 1st, mosquito’s love to bite beer drinkers, what glass to use for different drinks, drunk of the week – man tries 1100 different types of raman noodles, 10 reasons liberty is declining, cities safer than rural areas. Beer Review – New Belgium Hoppy Bock Lager. That’s what she said news – 7 ways police have been militarized, biogenesis and performance enhancing drugs in the MLB, weiner is showing his weiner again AKA Carlos Danger, good apple cop fired for being a good apple, Bradley Manning update. Cool new shit – Man of Steel sequel to fight batman, vibrating bicycle seat, BarEye smartphone app, injectable oxygen. Blockbusters – Trance, Europa Report, Man of Steel, InAPPropriate Comedy, Knuckleball, Star Trek Into Darkness, Pawn Shop Chronicles, Power of Few, Killing Season, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, Orange is The New Black.

Music: The Becoming by Nine Inch Nails, Every Lie by My Darkest Days

DOL Episode 98

Sharknado trailer, FaceBook question, chigger bites, booze news – 4 sins of beer service, buying booze with bit coin, hard cider making comeback, spirit producer adopts porn brand, drunk of the week – rolling stone magazine bomber cover.. Colorado drone hunting permits, anonymous leaks congress email passwords, beer review – Shmaltz He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA, that’s what she said news – Verizon early smartphone upgrades, Adam Kokesh run for president 2020, $92 quadrillion mix up on paypal, George Zimmerman found not guilty, cool new shit – Atlantic farms hops shampoo, remote control beer delivery, fetzer zipz single serve wine, urinal breathalyzer, chill pucks, blockbusters – Reincarnated, Texas Chainsaw, Despicable Me 2, The Heat, Broken City, Olympus Has Fallen, Carriers, Sharknado, Catfish, Orange is the New Black, Dexter.

Music: We Are by Hollywood Undead, I Like It by Foxy Shazam

DOL Episode 95

NSA parody vid, Porcfest X, more about DOL calling it quits, email from JW, booze news – alcohol billboard controversy, 5 wine tasting survival tips, drunk of the week – drunk woman wrecks her car into boyfriends grave, 3 beer based recipes, 10 common nutritional myths, beer review – Dundee Summer Shandy, that’s what she said news – PS3 update causing console problems, FBI foils plot to build xray weapon, Brazil protests, ben bernanke to no longer be fed chairman, cool new shit – GPS turn vibrations, move mind to machine, TurboCool, Beer pouches, breathalyzer watch, blockbusters – Snitch, Parker, Fast & Furious 6, Admission, Evil Dead, Mad Men, Dexter coming back.

Music: Mexican Sun by Chevelle, Sextape by The Deftones

DOL Episode 93

She’s back! Speeding ticket, liberty lounge stud vet trip, off road jeep bumper sticker, booze news – breweries forced to label? Hanson mmmmHops beer, polite beer thief, new coors light can, Drunk of the week – runner’s pain is no pulled muscle, its a baby! Strangest alcoholic beverages, woody harrelson anarchist, 22 easy ways to rebel against the system, beer review – Bridgeport Summer Squeeze, that’s what she said news – driverless cars regulations, armed march on DC canceled, supreme court oks DNA swab people under arrest, Bradley Manning trial, how birds lose their penises, cool new shit – one step closer to artificial livers, Omni VR game, tiny helicopters piloted by the mind, WiSee detects your gestures using WiFi, RealTouch USB pleasure device, Blockbusters – Lost In Translation, Wrong, The Fountain, The Brass Teapot, Warm Bodies, Stranded, The English Teacher, Jack The Giant Slayer, Hangover 3, Bullet To The Head, Game of Thrones, Dollhouse.

Music: Summer Breeze by The Isley Brothers, Summer Nights by Lil’ Rob

DOL Episode 92

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Podcast Episodes
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DOL Episode 92

Ryan Jaye solo show, The Great Authority Myth, beer – Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp, News – Russian spacecraft returns with animals dead, Oklahoma tornado, Bin Laden burial pics will stay secret, Eric Holder: We’ve droned 4 Americans, Adam Kokesh update, booze news – 12 of the best cheap beers, moving away from cork in wine bottles, bars selling cheap liquor as premium brands, Ron Paul IRS article, cool new shit – teen invents supercharger battery, leather wallet flask, microsoft unveils Xbox One, blockbusters – Side Effects, Iron Man 3, Halo 4, Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters, Hemlock Grove, Dollhouse.

Music: The Future Is Now by The Offspring, Unnecessary Trouble by Hard-Fi

DOL Episode 90

People who drive fast cars slow, new gizmodo site sucks, panda express surf n turf, booze news american craft beer week, champagne improves memory, booze from bees, drunk of the week fart sparks knife fight, 10 drink tips to live to 100, 35 reasons you should have vinegar, wine color chart, beer review deschutes river ale, that’s what she said news, Gov looking to ban 3D printed guns, Jody Arias found guilty, woman kidnapped and held for 10 years escapes, $45 million theft, puppy found in locked car, wrongfully convicted, cool new shit, iFlask, drones deliver beer not bombs, Mars One update, artificial retinas, blockbusters, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The Host, 42, Pusher, Oblivion, The Last Stand, J. Edgar, Hemlock Grove, Alphas, The Office.

Music: I Ain’t Drunk, I’m Just Drinkin’ by Wrathchild America, Don’t Break Me Down by Jet

DOL Episode 74

Intro, public restroom noises, fire alarm drill while on the shitter, Alex Jones calls himself the leader of the liberty movement, booze news, american drinking more booze than juice and milk, booze can be part of weight loss, 10 best wine destinations, drunker at higher altitudes, drunk of the week woman drives 900 miles instead of 90 because of GPS, US programmer outsourced his own job to china, lapdancer deathly balcony lapdance, brazilian wax leads to less pubic lice, deaf twins euthanized, beer review, Lagunitas Sucks Brown Shugga’ Substitute, thats what she said news, driving under the influence of over the counter drugs banned in new hampshire, driver and mother shot by police, 23 obama executive orders on guns, Camden NJ pays $3.5 million to victims of police corruption, adam carolla’s broadcast company being sued, Aaron killed by government, TSA to remove naked body scanners, cool new shit, clothing makes you invisible to drones, home 3d printers look cool, skull ice molds, delorean hovercraft, blockbusters, Seven Psychopaths, Sinister, Hit and Run, Killing Them Softly, Cold Light of Day, Californication is back.

Music: Come On Feel The Noise by Quiet Riot, Always by Blink 182