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DOL Episode 100

Season 1 Finale of DOL episode 100, can you count to 100? JW drunk dials us, the history of 100 episodes, latin TV Almohazado boobs, ryan jaye’s car pooping out, 12 year old boy is an Indian god for having a 7inch tail, booze news – carlos danger wiener cocktail, TGI Fridays fined for liquor fraud, booze post office delivery, nordstroms booze n browse. Drunk of the week – Man turns self in for child porn because malware told him to. Galaxy S4 explosion, Inca girl frozen for 500 years. Beer review – Stone 12.12.12 Vertical Epic. That’s what she said news – Las Vegas woman sexually assaulted by court officer, Bradley Manning update, Billions in wasted taxpayer money, Russia gives Snowden asylum for 1 year. Cool new shit – Netflix profiles,, Coravin drink wine without opening bottle. Blockbusters – GI Joe Retaliation, A Haunting At Silver Falls, Done The Impossible, Drinking Buddies, Killing Zoe, Drunk History, Dexter final season.

Here’s To The Night by Eve 6, The Closing Song by Red Peters