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DOL Episode 101



Season 2 premiere is here! A few things happened while we were gone.

We had a drunk dial, booty call message.  623-505-6375

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NFL and all major sports are crony corporatists!

Tom Brady chugs…

Beer – Coronado Brewing Company Idiot Imperial IPAidiot ipa

News – Scotland votes NO for Independence.

Ebola crazyness

Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs

More $$ spent on drugs and prostitutes than alcohol

Drunk Of The Week – Aussie, drunk man eye pokes a crocodile

Booze News – PBR sold to Russian brewer

People who don’t drink alcohol more likely to die

Beer to boost your brainpower

Cool New Shit – German city paying alcoholics in beer

99 can beer case

Heineken shakes up home beer market


Blockbusters – True Detective

South Park

Music – Not Coming Home Tonight by Three Loco

Everybody by Backstreet Boys



DOL Episode 97

Asiana plane crash, Ryan Jaye’s dad gets pulled over by cops, scorpions are crazy, booze news – 98yr old bartender, costco craft beer sales, 12 most common beer myths, hangovers suck, liquor inspectors drink on taxpayers, drunks of the week – Texas masturbation law, IRS leaks social security numbers.. Student online market, Skype users disrupt zimmerman trial, beer review – Mudshark Havablue, that’s what she said news – losing an infant over false drug test, woman facing jail after recycling her tires, 19 dead firefighters in the desert, Adam Kokesh gets raided and arrested, cool new shit – human head transplants, implanted headphones in ears, breaking bad beer, humanoid robot, pinot noir flavored popcorn, blockbusters – Strange Brew, Spring Breakers, Monster’s University, The Purge, Aftershock, Rapture-Palooza, Dexter, Magic City, Falling Skies.

Music: Came Back Haunted by Nine Inch Nails, Self-Inflicted by Filter