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DOL Episode 99

Drunk dial us at 623-505-6375 and leave us a drunken message to play on the season one finale 100th episode of DOL! scientifically accurate ninja turtles, comic con 2013 San Diego, royal baby bullshit, booze news – IPA day August 1st, mosquito’s love to bite beer drinkers, what glass to use for different drinks, drunk of the week – man tries 1100 different types of raman noodles, 10 reasons liberty is declining, cities safer than rural areas. Beer Review – New Belgium Hoppy Bock Lager. That’s what she said news – 7 ways police have been militarized, biogenesis and performance enhancing drugs in the MLB, weiner is showing his weiner again AKA Carlos Danger, good apple cop fired for being a good apple, Bradley Manning update. Cool new shit – Man of Steel sequel to fight batman, vibrating bicycle seat, BarEye smartphone app, injectable oxygen. Blockbusters – Trance, Europa Report, Man of Steel, InAPPropriate Comedy, Knuckleball, Star Trek Into Darkness, Pawn Shop Chronicles, Power of Few, Killing Season, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, Orange is The New Black.

Music: The Becoming by Nine Inch Nails, Every Lie by My Darkest Days